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Accessibility features

The following are features that we have provided that will greatly assist you to use our websites.

Access keys

Access keys provide a quick way to navigate round the site without using a mouse. In line with current UK Government accessibility recommendations, the following access keys are in use on this website:

S - Skip navigation
1 - Home page
2 - About
3 - About foster care
4 - Fostering with us
5 - Apply today
6 - Your local office
7 - Events
8 - Blog
9 - Local authorities
0 - Accessibility

How to use access keys

The keys are used in conjunction with the ´Alt´ or ´Ctrl´ keys and ´Enter´ key (which vary depending on your browser). 

1. Hold down the:
a. ´Alt´ key if using Internet Explorer for Windows
b. ´Ctrl´ key if using Mozilla/Firefox, or if using Internet Explorer or Safari on a Mac 
c. ´Shift´ and ´Esc´ together if using Opera (note Opera ignores numeric Access Keys) 
d. 'Ctrl' and 'Alt' together if using Chrome on a Mac

2. and simultaneously select a key from the list above

3. then press ´Enter´ if using Internet Explorer for Windows PC (other browsers go to the page immediately).

Tab indexing

The site has been structured to allow quick access to links when using the keyboard for navigation.

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