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Clinical Skills Updates

There is no statutory guidance for the required frequency of clinical skills update training [eg IV’s /venepuncture].  Swiis recognise that individual Registered Nurses should identify their own training needs depending on the frequency of the skill used (i.e. do they work in an area in which they give IV’s regularly or not?) and individual Hospital policies.

  • Registered Nurses who are ‘block booked’ can ask their ward manager/Senior Registered Nurse to sign them off for these clinical skills
  • Registered Nurses who work regularly within a specific Trust maybe able to access internal update training


The NMC recommends that the Reflective Discussion takes place face to face, however if this is not possible it should be undertaken via video link [written reflections/feedback given to confirmer prior to discussion].  It is Swiis’ intention that where required, we will facilitate face-to-face Reflective Discussion Meetings by utilising a local based NMC Registered Nurse. 

In terms of clinical skills updates, Swiis In-House Training team are currently liaising with Independent Clinical Training Agencies who can offer a range of appropriate Clinical Skills Training, specific to the revalidation process. Further it appears that Swiis Registered Nurses who do not have EPRS or Electronic Medication Training (which is Trust specific) are facing ongoing difficulties as some hospitals will not allow Registered Nurses to use equipment without the required training, therefore we additionally aim to identify a training provider who can supply this to those nurses that need it. Those nursing staff who are full-time agency Registered Nurses with Swiis or those nursing staff who do not work for any other health provider will be heavily supplemented in terms of the cost for this.

As an alternative Registered Nurses can source their own private Clinical Skills Training if they wish to do so, whereas Swiis are not responsible for the cost of any Clinical Skills Update training in relation to the verification guidelines, consideration will be given to those nurses who work full time as a Swiis agency nurse, or those nursing staff who do not work for any other health provider.

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