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Silver Star Diabetes Health Challenge at the House of Commons

15 November 2013

On Thursday 31st October one of our Swiis nurses, Louise Skelton, was alongside senior parliamentarians and celebrities, invited to attend the annual diabetes charity event, the Silver Star Diabetes Health Challenge, as part of Diwali at Westminster at the House of Commons.

Louise assisted the MP’s with undertaking quick and easy diabetes blood sugar level tests to help raise awareness of the need for public testing of the condition.

As you may be aware there are currently over 3 million people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK and over another 1 million people who have Type 2 diabetes but do not know it.

Silver Star is a registered charity campaigning to provide diabetes awareness. The Charity runs Mobile Diabetes Units, which main role is to carry out important diabetes testing and to promote culturally sensitive healthcare in the major towns and cities of Britain.

Hanif Pathan, the Charity Director, commented in relation to Swiis’ attendance and support of the event: “It is thanks to the contributions of people such as yourself, which helped to make the event so significant for all those who attended, both Members of Parliament and guests alike.  We really appreciated your help.”

Silver Star continues its work in raising awareness of Type 2 diabetes and reaches many of these individuals and save lives. For more information please visit the charities website www.silverstaruk.org.

Swiis quality recognised

13 June 2013


Our team at Swiis always talk about our great quality staff and the exceptional work they undertake as we truly believe it is the main reason why Swiis is atill going strong 25 years on.

When we received a letter from a service users mother praising one of our staff and his utmost dedication to his work, it warmed all our hearts as it evidenced what we have always claimed.

As we work with some of the most vulnerable people in our society, true dedication and compassion are some of the most important assests to have in a workforce.

We are truly glad that this is recognised in our staff not only by us, but also by our end users.

Many thanks to Elaine Stevens for her heart warming letter and to our incredible worker Hannes Gudz.