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Loyalty Bonus Scheme
Smiling nurses

We are pleased to announce our new loyalty bonus scheme - the more hours you work, the greater the bonus.

All nursing staff will have the opportunity to earn a bonus - so start planning how you are going to earn even greater rewards when working for Swiis.


How does it work?

You will be automatically enrolled in the scheme; all you need to do is continue working with Swiis. Earning the bonus is simple – it is based upon the number of hours you work in every 12-week qualifying period.

There will be 4 qualifying periods each year, these will run consecutively and will be established a year ahead. Full terms and conditions are available upon request to help you understand how you can earn even more with Swiis, but in essence the following guidelines apply:

1) Each Nurse who works more than 250 hours (but less than 500) within a 12-week qualifying period, will receive £100

2) Each Nurse who works more than 500 hours within the same 12-week qualifying period, will receive a total of £200.

The hours must be worked within each set 12-week qualifying period. The scheme will reset every 12 weeks, allowing you to potentially receive bonuses up to four times per year if you meet the eligibility requirements.

You can use our downloadable hours calculator to help you keep track of your eligibility and the dates for each qualifying period.


When will I receive my bonus?

The healthcare payroll team based in Gerrard’s Cross will also be keeping a tally of the hours worked by each nurse and will confirm the eligibility for a bonus at the end of each qualifying period.

You will receive your loyalty bonus following the end of each 12-week period.

If you have any questions about the Loyalty Bonus Scheme, please feel free to get in touch