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Registration process

Registration healthcare

Our application process is straightforward. All you need to do to get the process started is register your details.

Once you have registered with us, an account profile will be created enabling you to upload your CV.

Be specific and clear
Our unique matching system works best when we have as much relevant information about you as possible. So, make sure your CV is clear about your practical experience and qualifications and that you properly explain any gaps in your career. It’s important that you document all areas you have worked in, the amount of time you worked there in years and months and that you detail all training and formal qualifications. We’ll also need a reference from your most recent employer as well as references for the previous three years.

Tell us about your ambitions and professional interests too, so that we can find the position that’s an exact fit for you.

Your personal, detailed profile

Once we’ve seen your CV, we’ll contact you by telephone to further discuss your employment history, qualifications and availability, we will ask you for comprehensive information about the industries and service user types you have worked with in the past and what type of work you are looking for now. Then we will send you a number of documents for you to complete, one being an assessment which covers a number of core questions based on the health and social care industry. Once we have all information back from you, we will invite you in for an interview. Once your registration process is underway and we have received your references and other documents we will generate your personal, detailed candidate profile designed to showcase your skills to prospective employers.

We’ll do all the appropriate checks, including a free DBS and help you complete any outstanding training including two days of free mandatory training to ensure you are fully prepared for work.

Quick turnaround
We aim to turn around all registration requests within four weeks but we need your help to get the best out of the system and we ask that you respond quickly to information requests, are clear about your work history and your preferred career path, as well as being available for telephone assessment, interview, training and client interviews.

Once the registration process has begun and you have attended your face-to-face verification interview, you will be asked to attend the two days of mandatory training to prepare you for work.

Once you have completed the registration process, we ask that you keep us informed of your availability. To benefit from our free offer of training and other benefits, you will have committed to working for us for at least 14 hours each week. We would like to offer you full time work if you have the availability, but we do need to know when you can work each week so that we can plan your work schedule.