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Revalidation for Swiis Nurses

Part-time/ Ad-Hoc Swiis Nurses

Registered Nurses who undertake flexible working with Swiis Health & Social Care on a part-time/ad hoc basis i.e. Registered Nurses who have a permanent contract as a Registered Nurse within the NHS or other organisation, will be able to complete their revalidation with their contracted employer (NHS or other). This will include the required reflective discussion with either their Line manager or other Registered Nurse. In such circumstances their Line Manager would normally complete the confirmation within their annual appraisal.

Mandatory and Statutory Training will also be completed within the Registered Nurses permanent role as per their employer’s policy. Clinical Skills Updates i.e. IV’s /venepuncture/cannulations/catheterizations will be completed as required within their permanent role.

Full-time Swiis Nurses

Registered Nurses who undertake full time work with Swiis Health & Social Care, i.e. Registered Nurse’s that do not have a permanent contract with the NHS or similar and undertake work solely as an agency Registered Nurse, will receive support from Swiis in achieving the requirements for revalidation. Although Swiis do not have a legal responsibility to provide support regarding revalidation as Registered Nurses are not employed by Swiis, (and in most cases operate as an Umbrella or Limited Company Contractor), we will of course ensure that you fully meet all the requirements for your successful revalidation.

However once again to reiterate, it is the responsibility of the Swiis agency nurse to be aware of their revalidation date and ensure that they undertake all necessary parts of preparation in readiness for their revalidation submission.

If you require Swiis to evidence your work with us as part of your revalidation the above information will need to be confirmed by the Swiis Nurse Confirmer. This will either be an NMC PIN Registered Nurse or the Head of Operational Services who holds overall responsibility for the day to day operational management of our Nursing Services.

Should the NMC require further written evidence from any Swiis nurse, the Swiis Nurse Confirmer will provide all relevant information as required.

It important to note that the Swiis Nurse Confirmer is not assessing the fitness to practice of a nurse, the confirmer is confirming that the NMC re-validation requirements have been met and is confirming to the NMC that all documents and evidence has been sighted as completed.

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