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"I have enjoyed working for Swiis because the staff at the Bristol office have been friendly, efficient, positive and supportive of me. The Bookings Team work hard to offer diverse work in a variety of settings. I have had the opportunity to meet many different people from different backgrounds, which has made for an enjoyable experience."

Daniel Wilding

"I really enjoy working for Swiis because they are a really friendly and efficient agency. Swiis provide diverse opportunities to suit you. Since working with Swiis I have really diversified my experience. It's been really fantastic, I would definitely recommend joining. Swiis provide induction training and additional training opportunities to enable you to broaden your skills and experience. If you need a job that is flexible then Swiis are for you. However If you want to find a rewarding temp, part time or permanent role to suit you then Swiis can also meet your needs. I also feel that Swiis are a very supportive agency and if I need to discuss any issues I know I can approach the Swiis team. An overall really positive experience!"

Francesca Wraith

"I enjoy working with Swiis as it gives me the opportunity to work in a variety of settings. Working in these different settings has taught me many valuable skills. I have also met many different people from different professional backgrounds who have all made working with them an enjoyable experience. The booking team at Swiis work hard to ensure they provide shifts at settings that are appropriate for your background experience and enable you to use your skills and qualities effectively."

Omager Abdullahi

"I enjoy working for Swiis because it is a professional team that offers you the opportunity to extend your work experience and your prospects according to the direction you want to follow in your work field."

Crina Tatar

"I enjoy working with Swiis as it offers me the opportunity to work with a variety of vulnerable children, young people and adults; supporting them and enriching their lives as well as my own."

Arijana Grant

"I have been working for Swiis for several months now and really glad I made the decision to work for them as it has all been positive. They have given me work that is suited to my experience and that has also allowed me to gain experience and to increase my abilities. My fellow Swiis colleagues I have worked with have been great and the office support staff fantastic too. The training given has always been beneficial and the offer of training courses always appreciated. Definitely would recommend Swiis as a good agency to work for."

Robert Palmer

"My experience with Swiis so far has been excellent. Every staff at Swiis has been very very professional and friendly. All the Swiis staff that I have dealt with have been very efficient and very professional. Excellent all round service. Fantastic Team. I am glad to be part of an excellent Swiis Team."

Cephas Tsagli